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ARA is a mixed Mexican-Italian-American witch with deep roots in California. Once an elite student-athlete, ARA eventually ended up in the psych ward at SF General, forcibly restrained and heavily sedated. She got free and flew to New York where spiritual crisis became personal empowerment. Inspired by M.I.A., Kanye West, and Courtney Love, ARA turns mood swings into music and magic. After her debut project generated major label interest, ARA wandered into the desert to ponder her destiny. She emerged with a new body of work and a surreal set of visuals to introduce herself to the world on her own terms. ARA released a self-directed video for her most recent single “High” on 4/17/2020  in advance of The Desert EP: a heartfelt transmission from the higher planes (and gritty wastelands) of spiritual awakening. Out on June 12th, The Desert EP includes four new songs and a double-header music video written, directed, styled, shot, and edited by ARA and longtime collaborators John Castello and Miarden Jackson.