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ARA is a performing artist, producer, and vocalist from the central coast of California. She started making music by way of spoken word and cites M.I.A., Courtney Love, and Kanye West as her primary influences. Following up on her debut project HAIL MARY, ARA released an audio-visual piece called “High” on April 17, 2020 in advance of The Desert EP, out June 12th, 2020.

The Desert EP

The Desert EP is a heartfelt transmission from the higher planes (and gritty wastelands) of spiritual awakening. In this avant-garde account of her real life journey through the badlands of Silicon Valley, ARA sings about coming face-to-face with fear, doubt, misogyny, and self-sabotage. Produced in collaboration with long-time creative partner Miarden Jackson, the four track project is accompanied by a double header music video for the songs “Tell You Why” and “Down”

Hilly Dilly

"ARA is an unknown pop force with a mysterious edge. Her voice is commanding and rich like current chart topper Dua Lipa, but it's laced with moodiness like that of BANKS..."

Hail Mary EP

HAIL MARY is a humble affirmation of the divine feminine. Raised in and rejected from the Catholic church, ARA channeled these songs after meditating on the life and legacy of Mary Magdalene. Written, recorded, and released in 2018, the HAIL MARY EP is dedicated to femme troublemakers everywhere.


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